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Change Log

0.8b (report bugs)

  • ADDED: Neutral highlighting
  • ADDED: Cursor blink rate control

  • FIXED: Ability to open files with accented characters
  • FIXED: Text modification state preserved when preferences changed
  • FIXED: Window title not updating when file saved
  • FIXED: Crash when config file is write protected
  • FIXED: Files saved with Unix line breaks
  • FIXED: Wordcount RegEx

  • FIXED: FileNotFoundException when caching preferences
  • CHANGED: Text of statistics shortcut from ctrl+? to ctrl+/ to be less confusing


  • ADDED: Display active filename
  • ADDED: Keyboard shortcut for statistics window
  • ADDED: Settings cached locally for increaed portability
  • FIXED: Change font/color causes text to disappear until preference pane brought up again
  • FIXED: Coping entire lines and pasting results in final carraige return not being pasted
  • FIXED: Error message for invalid height says width
  • FIXED: No error message for invalid margin


  • Added check for updates menu option
  • Added auto indent option
  • Added drag and drop onto page to open file
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tabs to spaces from taking effect until restart
  • Removed resizable borders on dialogs
  • Optimized page width in non-maximized window
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in crash when using page setup without any installed printers
  • Optimzied preferences dialog layout


  • Fixed a bug that reverted tabs to spaces to three instead of custom value


  • Added Statistics dialog
  • Added Menu item to launch dark room website
  • Added ability to enable/disable local cache file
  • Added convert tabs to spaces
  • Printing now uses document font
  • Fixed a bug the preventing printing the first character
  • Fixed a bug that made the margin disappear when auto-width selected.
  • Fixed a bug that prevent multiple monitors from working correctly.


  • Fixed a bug causing the program to crash if there is no text to cut/copy.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a crash when enabling multi-monitor support.
  • Disabled “URL detection”


  • Fixed “process hog” problem related to autosave interval
  • Fixed allow tabs in writing area
  • Fixed preferences access from context menu


  • Added launch modes (restore buffer, open last file, clean document)
  • Redone preferences dialog
  • Converted to C#
  • A bunch (mostly little inconsistences that I noticed while converting)


  • Fixed order of Find and Find Next in Edit menu
  • Font, Page, and Background color dialog defaults to current color instead of black
  • Fixed find next bug that would not allow find to advance to next word


  • Added optional Transparency
  • Added Rudementary Printing Support
  • Added optional Autosave (once a minute)
  • Added Find
  • Added Content Cached in a local file to increase portability
  • Fixed Save As bug, now can save as repeatedly
  • Fixed Text Formatting bug, now stripped when copied to clipboard


  • Removed rogue formatting in document (shortcut keys, etc…)


  • Fixed a bug that caused Dark Room to quit if save dialog is canceled
  • Fixed a bug where the font color button did not update when color was changed
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “save changes” prompt to come up while closing regardless of whether or not the document changed
  • Fixed a bug that prompted a “save as” dialog when attempting to save a file that was opened using “Open With”
  • Added Ctrl+, as a shortcut for preferences
  • Added an About Page
  • Added option not to open in fullscreen mode
  • Added option to open to a clean page
  • Added a crappy icon


  • Fixed a multiple monitor bug that shaded the primary monitor when app is not maximized
  • Added a warning to save when closing (if document modified)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed user to overwrite a previous file if they created a new file, and used ctrl+s to save


  • Font dialog now defaults to current font
  • Multiple, vertical monitors now supported


  • Added keyboard shortcut to exit (Ctrl+Q)
  • Added “Open with Dark Room” context menu integration option
  • Added Multiple Monitor Support (shades monitors not in use)
  • Added ability to open “All Files (.)”
  • Added ability to scroll with mouse wheel
  • Added a context menu
  • Changed redo from Ctrl+Shft+Z to common Ctrl+Y
  • Corrected paste to remove formatting information
  • Changed application name from “WindowsApplication1” to Dark Room
  • Fixed the ability to associate Dark Rom with text files


  • Added Multiple Undo and Redo
  • Fixed crash when Save As dialog is cancelled
  • Removed scrollbar, replaced with simple navigation bar
  • Removed exit shortcut key to allievate conflict with cut command
  • Preferences dialog revamped
  • Added page height preferences
  • Added automatic page width and height setting